Meta Quest 3 Hire

Introducing Meta Quest 3 – The Next Evolution in VR Hardware

The latest headset from Meta has arrived and continues the evolution of VR hardware. This new headset will open up significant new opportunities for developers and VR hire users in large part due to Meta doubling its processing power.

Meta Quest 3 Hire

XR2 Gen 2 Processor – Twice The Power

With Meta Quest 3 rental, developers can now create much more detailed VR environments without performance issues, thanks to twice the capability. This starts to close the gap between PCVR and mobile VR.

Showcase visually stunning demos with Meta Quest 3 hire by leveraging environments not possible before. Our team can build fully customised VR experiences or source fantastic content from our partners.

Now with your Meta Quest 3 hire, you can demonstrate more detailed environments, models, and experiences for that wow factor.
We can build any VR experience for your VR events or source suitable content for you from our wide range of providers.

Higher Resolution – 30% More Detail

While Quest 2 improved resolution over Quest 1 substantially, Meta Quest 3 brings another 30% bump for crisper visuals.

Most experiences will still work on both headsets, but with Meta Quest 3 hire you can showcase next-level worlds tailored to the new hardware.

More RAM

8GB RAM vs. 6GB RAM allows bigger, more advanced VR experiences like improving gaming laptops over time. More RAM means more detailed environments and interactivity in the VR experiences we create for your customised events and training.

New Headstrap

The new headstrap with split rear straps provides more flexibility for different hairstyles. Your attendees can enjoy immersive VR with rent Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3 hire without adjusting their look.

New Controllers

No more tracking hoop on the new controllers allows for closer hand positioning. The controllers also have LEDs visually embedded for improved tracking and ergonomics.

Mixed Reality Options

The Meta Quest 3 enables a whole new world of mixed reality options thanks to extra front-facing sensors and full-colour passthrough. This allows for a readily available cost-effective mixed reality solution that is vastly superior to Hololens 2.

With Meta Quest 3 rental, you can now easily turn your product catalogue or prototypes into interactive VR demos with realistic visuals. Imagine showcasing your entire catalogue at your VR events, a conference or an expo in a small headset!

Our team can work with you to put your products into mixed reality using the Meta Quest 3 headset. Give your audience an up-close look at your offerings in a memorable VR experience. The possibilities for hybrid VR/AR are only growing.

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