Oculus Go hire

The new Oculus Go headset offers you the chance to experience virtual reality without cables or a PC – and it’s now available for hire from Virtual Reality Experiences.

As the latest device from the makers of the popular Rift headset, the Oculus Go promises to take VR to the mainstream by offering a friendly VR experience with no need for the headset to be connected to a PC via cumbersome cables.

This step forward into wireless VR technology is made possible because the computer that powers everything is built directly into the headset.

The Oculus Go is a great hire choice for anyone who wants to use their headset with larger groups because the cable free device can be easily passed from user to user. The Go is also a perfect option if you’re going to be working with less experienced users. We find that the untethered format allows new users to get comfortable more quickly.

We recommend the Oculus Go for both personal and business use, when using the higher powered Rift would be excessive or in cases where cables might be a disadvantage.

Your Oculus Go VR hire includes everything you need, including up-to date software, accessories and spares.

360 Video

  • Can play 360 video content – we can provide this or also create your 360 footage if required
  • This can be synchronised across a large number of headsets so users don’t have to press any controls and everyone starts at the same timeNo
  • t to be confused with VR below (this is 360 camera footage, so you are taken on the same journey that the camera passed through)
  • Hotspots can be added to allow some navigation in the 360 experience

VR Content

  • Can play simple VR games
  • We can source content for you and liaise with VR publishers
  • We also have our own content which clients often use and we can include this in your VR hire (e.g. Health and safety)
  • Our own content can also be branded with your logo etc

Oculus Go is available to hire from day, weekly or monthly periods. Please call us to book your device.

Oculus Go with Custom Content Creation

We do a lot more than just virtual reality hire, Virtual Reality Experiences are also able to create virtual reality content to your specification, ready to run on the Oculus Go. We can also create content with your brand and communications built into an existing VR environment.

Whether your content is completely custom or a re-branded option, we are able to pre-load it straight onto your Oculus Go devices.

Our experienced developers will work closely with our development team to ensure that the content is intuitive, easy to use and oriented towards your specific business goals.

Call VRE Today to book your VR Hire

If you’re interested in using wireless virtual reality hire for business or personal use, please contact us today to make your Oculus Go booking.