Oculus Rift Hire

The Oculus Rift system includes a comfortable virtual reality headset and is a premium offering alongside the HTC Vive system. Excellent quality software is available with the Oculus system through the Oculus store.

We also include the latest Oculus Touch Controllers with Oculus Rift VR Hire. It comes with two sensors which sit on either side of your PC on your desk or table.

All the equipment is included, and we do not charge extra for items such as headphones as these are built into the headset. This headset is still the most popular in the marketplace though has now been superseded by the new Rift-S which has the same inside out tracking as the Oculus Quest.

Our Rift hire will require a PC or VR laptop which we can provide, please contact us to discuss your PC specs if you wish to run the VR headset on your own PC.

This is a much simpler set-up than the HTC vive and for most applications we recommend the Rift or the Rift-S. Set up is relatively quick and the laptop running Rift can be connected directly to a display screen or projector with an HDMI input. So for VR events or exhibitions you can attract the curious and the interested with what is happening on a large screen.

This is a roomscale headset meaning that users can walk around a VR environment to explore and with the touch controllers can pick up and interact with their VR experience.

Call us to reserve your VR hire dates

*One of our high spec VR laptops is required for this VR Headset, you will also need to set up an Oculus account.

**You can also set up an additional Steam account to access and play additional Oculus ready VR content.

Oculus Rift Content Creation for your Event or Project

If you are looking for more than just Virtual Reality Hire and would like some bespoke content creating for Oculus Rift for your virtual reality event then we can help you create branded tailored virtual reality content that fits your VR event or project exactly. Working with clients we can help them create a virtual reality experience that showcases a particular product or service in the extremely engaging medium that VR provides.

Our experienced team can develop projects quickly and on time, for one client with very tight deadlines we went from concept to deployment in just 7 days. Our team of designers and developers also include psychologists and learning and development professionals, so we can ensure designs are robust and user friendly and very engaging.

As we use Unity this allows us to deploy your project on other platforms more easily, this also means we can create content for Vive and Hololens or port applications across with less redesign and less coding.

Import your own designs or models – when presenting to potential clients we can create simple and effective VR experiences that will elevate your company from the competition, include your own 3d models or designs so clients can see for themselves what you create or build first hand, you don’t have to rely on brochures or standard presentations.

We can therefore provide full services from VR hire, to VR content design to VR event delivery all under one roof, so you are only dealing with one company who knows the bespoke software inside out and has the equipment and well trained staff to deliver your event day too. We are the complete VR services provider.

Oculus Rift Content Development for Larger Projects

If your Rift project is a bit more substantial than some bespoke work for a VR event or conference then we are also happy to work on larger projects. Our team can work with you to help with initial design and concept work as well as the build and then deployment of your VR application. Our team includes psychologists and learning/development professionals with extensive experience, who can help you ensure your VR concept is robust, will meet your end clients needs and engage users when they enter your own VR experience.