Samsung Gear VR Hire

This was an extremely popular VR option for when you need a large number of individuals to experience a virtual reality application. For example, showing a 360⁰ video of a new product or showcasing an experience to a group of clients at the same time. In addition you can watch some pretty awesome movies on the Samsung VR.

Superseded now by the Oculus Go, it may still be useful for some clients that have a specific app or product form Samsung Gear VR they want to run that isn’t available on the Oculus Go.

As per the Oculus Go this system doesn’t require a PC and allows for a mobile experience with no wires. Perfect for any company or developer who wishes to show a virtual reality experience quickly, conveniently and without the need for any time consuming set up.

Included in the Gear VR Hire is the Samsung phone to power it, the Samsung Gear VR headset and we can also provide high quality noise cancelling headphones.

All devices can be preloaded with any applications you wish prior to rental.

*Applications other than the Oculus app must be downloaded by the Hiree before use.

6 Reasons to Hire Samsung Gear VR

Synchronise Your Samsung Gear VR Experience – Control All Headsets At Your Event At The Same Time

We also offer the capability to synchronise all the headsets at your event and control them remotely, so no more guests fumbling with the headset or inadvertently starting their own experience before everyone else.

  • Sync and control as many headsets as you want
  • Instantly switch the videos
  • No Internet needed
  • Trigger all the headsets at the same time
  • Phone status – including battery

Our team can set up and manage your Samsung Gear VR Event and ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.