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Helsinki-based Varjo Technologies has been making waves in the immersive marketplace with its new line of products that promise a ‘Resolution Revolution’ by setting a whole new standard in visual clarity for enterprise VR.

Human eye-resolution

Along with the VR-1 and XR-1 units launched in early 2019, the new VR-2 and VR-2 Pro are the first headsets to offer ‘human eye-resolution’ virtual reality, which equates to more than 60 pixels per degree (PPD) – around 20 times higher than most other models currently available.

The VR-2 delivers flicker-free screen refresh at 60/90 Hz and an 87-degree field-of-view, and comes with a Bionic Display, which makes working with 3D models and simulations feel like a completely natural experience. The Display comprises two 1920 x 1080p micro-LEDs and a pair of 1440 x 1600p AMOLEDs (active matrix organic light-emitting diodes).

Designed for the most complex and demanding industrial applications, these headsets also feature a prism diffuser film on the lower resolution display, which is designed to prevent the ‘screen door effect’ – common in some consumer VR headsets – from occurring. This is done by having two displays per eye – one for the main focus area and the other for context.

Enhanced peripheral vision and colour consistency, with a 10,000:1 infinite contrast ratio, results in the deepest blacks and individually calibrated colours.

Software compatibility

As well as being compatible with all the major software lines, such as Unreal, Unity and Autodesk VRED, Varjo’s new devices are the first to support the SteamVR content and Valve’s OpenVR development platform at ultra-high resolutions. This gives demanding professional users easy access to a wide range of applications that be used for tasks such as research, analytics, training, simulation and industrial design.

With the VR-2, renders and simulations can be viewed with an unprecedented level of clarity – ideal for scenarios where precision is key.
The hardware is capable of 4K rendering per eye and also offers next-level eye-tracking capabilities, with Varjo’s highly advanced, powerful 20/20 Tracker technology boasting extremely fast and accurate calibration performance.

This combination of high-resolution performance and eye-tracking means the Varjo can identify which part of the image the viewer is looking at and render that part of the display in hi-res. This removes the need to have the whole picture in 60 PPD, which would require an extremely high amounting of computing power.

A true leap forward

Additionally, the VR-2 Pro is equipped with Ultraleap hand tracking technology in the form of two wide-angle cameras and LEDs. This delivers more intuitive control interaction with high-fidelity VR content as no controller is required.

Another difference with the Pro model is that it includes a 250g counterweight, resulting in an improved ergonomic feel, along with a ten-metre-long connection cable – twice as long as the standard VR-2’s.

To improve comfort, the VR-2 and VR-2 Pro incorporate an active airflow system, and come with headbands and head straps that are both detachable. There are two different-sized face cushions that can be easily replaced, while automatic interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment simplifies the process of switching users and adjusting the headset accordingly.

With VR-2 and VR-2 Pro you can work in true-to-life VR and create or explore some of the most realistic virtual environments currently possible with this type of technology.

Varjo’s products have already caught the attention of some leading car manufacturers. Volvo is using the headsets to test-drive its vehicles in safety simulations to detect how people respond to certain hazards, while a collaboration with Audi offered an opportunity to explore the company’s new e-tron model through a realistic immersive environment.

Offering a combination of the highest visual fidelity in the industry, along with high-precision eye tracking and leading hand tracking technology, Varjo is promising the next level in professional VR with this new line of products, so why not come and try it for yourself.

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