Vive Pro Wireless

Vive Pro Wireless has finally landed, it was worth the wait. Untethered VR as it was meant to be experienced. Our Vive Pro wireless systems offer the latest and cutting edge VR experience making VR experiences more fluid, more enjoyable and more free.

This wireless system combined with our Vive Pro VR Hire converts this premium VR headset into a free roaming experience. Its transformative, if you are used to cables it will take a little while for you to forget you don’t have them.

This combined with lighthouse 2.0 will allow much larger VR play areas, 3 of these can be run at the same time in the same space and can also be run off the same lighthouses so no need for 3 sets of tripods.

We included everything you need in your VR hire, with extra battery packs to be on charge while the headset is in use so you can keep it running all day without interruption.

The Vive Pro wireless system runs on our custom build PC’s for specifically this purpose to ensure the best VR experience when using this premium headset, for your VR hire you will need to include these custom built computers as they contain the Vive Pro Wireless cards.

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