VR Hire – Racing Simulator

Perfect for VR events or exhibitions VR has now made in-cockpit driving simulation a reality, no more staring at large screens, VR places you in the heart of the action, in the car where you belong, hands on the wheel, ready for the most heart stopping immersive driving experience you can imagine.

Our VR Racing simulator uses the Trak Racer cockpit which is very solidly made and does not flex unlike other cockpits when racing.

Coupled with force feedback steering you really get to experience what it is like to drive some of the world’s fastest cars.

Your VR hire includes everything you need as per below:

  • Track Racer Cockpit
  • 32” Monitor (so observers can see how good a driver you are) this can instead also be output to an even larger screen if you wish.
    Latest Force feedback steering
  • VR Headset and a very powerful 1080 VR PC (necessary as racing sims are very demanding)
  • VR racing game
  • We generally recommend the Oculus Rift for VR racing as the headset is lighter and ergonomics better, though we can provide any of your preference

VR Racing Simulator Options

  • Your VR racing cockpit can be used as part of a vr team building competition at an event with a leader board and prize for fastest driver
  • Can also be used as a general attraction at your stand or exhibition or just for a fun activity for your teams or a reward for your staff
  • If you wish we can even add optional extras like an old fashioned gear changer for those who want the full VR racing sim experience


  • Despite its looks the VR racing simulator can fit comfortably on stands or in small exhibition spaces as the screen is built into the middle of the cockpit and not at the end like some much longer models
  • We can set up the VR racing sim quickly and easily before your event day starts and de-rig quickly
  • The powerful VR laptop is tucked away behind the screen so the set up looks discreet

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