VR Inductions and Training

Induction Training

As trainers and training managers in our past careers we understand how difficult it can be to create an effective induction programme to onboard new staff.

Very often the material can be quite dry but is still important and necessary, however despite this levels of attention and knowledge retention can be very low, as people are often waiting for inductions to finish so they can start their new job.

Even E-Learning materials have their limitations with delegates often working through these materials in isolation and without their full attention.

VR is different, as trainers we are still surprised at the level of engagement in VR training and how much more effective it is for induction related applications.

Using VR to bring your inductions to life the VRE way.

You Can Run Your Induction Training Anywhere In The World With Our VR Hire Hubs

Alongside your VR induction training we can provide an extensive VR hire service regardless of trainees locations. We can provide the headsets and the induction training preloaded and have them to you the next day.

With our VR hire service we provide tech support and a training session so you know exactly how to use the equipment, ready for your new employee inductions, H&S weeks, Cyber Security Awareness roadshows or any other myriad of applications for this technology.

We ship several days ahead of your event or training so we have plenty of time for us to get you ready and can also offer long term VR hire if you wish to rent VR from us instead of purchasing your own equipment.

Augmented Reality Employee Training: The Future of Workforce Development

In the ever-evolving world of business, staying ahead often means having a highly skilled and adaptable workforce. This is where augmented reality (AR) employee training steps in, revolutionizing the way companies equip their employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. And, to make augmented reality employee training more accessible than ever, the option of AR equipment rental services is taking center stage.

virtual reality training companies

AR’s benefits in employee training are manifold. Employees can receive real-time guidance, enhancing their decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities. They can practice complex procedures in a risk-free virtual environment, boosting their confidence and competence. In addition, AR training can be adapted to various industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to retail and customer service.

Furthermore, best virtual reality courses contribute to a more inclusive workforce. It bridges geographical gaps by enabling remote and distributed teams to access the same training resources, leveling the playing field and ensuring consistency in skill development across the organization.

Using VR in the Right Way for Training

We don’t advocate long training sessions in VR, in fact we think it is best used in short bursts to illustrate important areas or key learning, followed by discussion or action learning.

Particularly useful when it is business critical or safety critical information. VR removes all distractions unlike conventional alternatives and delegates are completely focused on the training in hand.

Our Virtual Reality (VR) service for training and course delivery has a number of key benefits in addition to the usual advantages:

  • Renting VR equipment is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing it, allowing organizations to access cutting-edge technology without significant upfront investment.
  • Renting VR equipment reduces the risks associated with technological obsolescence, ensuring organizations have constant access to the latest tools.
  • The organization can focus on creating and delivering quality training materials and courses.

VRE running H&S training – London Underground

Virtual reality and training

Example Clients

Dyson use our Induction platform to raise staff awareness for business critical security training, this being used to inform staff and help protect their new innovative products and services.

National Grid use our induction platform to deliver important health and safety training to their staff, with a bespoked version of our platform to replicate key areas at their office.

BNP Paribas use a bespoked version of our induction platform for security training, with multi language functionality (Polish and English) they are able to run additional training to help protect their business.

Working with Eon we developed additional training for their teams using our VR Induction platform to strengthen their training delivery in key business areas.

We can deploy on a range of VR Headsets as per your needs

Track, Record, Analyse with our VR Learning Management System

Our VR training platform allows you measure trainees’ behaviour and performance in each of our modules.

Track who completed the module, how long they took and what choices they made.

Understand trends in this data and get answers to important questions such as which mistakes your team make most often. Gain insights into revisions you should make to your existing training materials. Learn what approach your teams take in the VR training simulations.

This invaluable information can be analysed by session, groups, departments or the organisation as a whole.