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The VRE team have been developing leadership programmes since well before the advent of modern VR, which meant we were primed to see the huge educational potential of the technology as it emerged.

Our SME and multi-national clients alike benefit from taking control of the VR scenarios to ensure every team member gets the chance to stretch their leadership muscles. Our clients also love having the ability to assess team member’s progress post-training.

Participants enjoy the incredibly immersive nature of VR, which makes our leadership training impactful and very engaging indeed.

We make real leadership happen through the application of compelling virtual experiences.

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Suitable for leaders at all levels and groups up to 16

Our platform can be used with groups of up to 16 people (two groups of 8), with feedback and reflection built into each VR leadership session to uncover and consolidate learning.

Effective leadership behaviours are broadly the same at every level, just applied in slightly different ways, for this reason our platform is suitable for leadership development at all levels in an organisation up to CEO.

Leaders who perform well in our platform have a clear idea of where the team needs to be (vision) they know how to engage the team (influence and communicate) and finally deliver success against a very challenging countdown clock (being directive or collaborative as needed).

VR Leadership Training delivered onsite

We have our own facilities where we can deliver our innovative leadership training or we can deliver our Innovate Leadership training onsite at a venue of your choice or your own offices if you have suitable space.

Bring teams and leaders together from different locations

Suitable for remote access, it is possible to bring together team members from other global locations, so departments spread across different geographical areas can still work and develop together as a team.

Our VR Leadership Platform

Our unique platform has been designed from the ground up to test a range of leadership skills, testing collaborative leadership, communication, delegation and problem solving.

The completely novel scenarios bring out a broad range of leadership behaviours and we see how well each individual can negotiate, influence, challenge and lead across a range of problems they will not have experience with in the past.

Our platform forces everyone in the team to lead, sometimes overtly and sometimes in more subtle ways, ensuring we see what everyone is capable of and that everyone learns about their own leadership styles, strengths and development areas.

We also believe in uncovering leadership potential across the whole breadth of the team and believe leadership should be developed in all, not just the usual dominant characters and extraverted individuals.

Leadership training the VRE way.

Tailored VR Leadership Training For Your Organisation

We also offer the ability to tailor or customise your leadership training. If you are looking for a particular set of behaviours or competencies we are able to amend and customise our VR leadership platform to create new exercises or challenges that tap into these exactly, giving you valuable real world information gathered from a totally immersive virtual world space.

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