VR Leadership Training

Develop your leaders and teams with highly innovative VR experiences

Virtual Reality Leadership and Team Development

Virtual reality has now matured into a practical technology, offering completely new opportunities in team /leadership assessment and subsequent development. Our unique platform allows organisations to examine their teams and leaders in a completely new way, leaders do not operate in a vacuum so our assessment looks at how the whole team works together, who leads and the relative contribution of everyone.

Powerful VR analytics allow us to explore how teams and leaders are working and uncover insights not possible with conventional assessment and development methods.

Welcome to VR leadership/team assessment and development the VRE way.

Free VR Hire with Our Training and Assessment Services

We only charge for our training or assessment services, as long as you book a training or assessment service with us each month you can extend your free VR hire each month and use the equipment for team meetings, internal events or your own training (we can even help you train your own trainers to use VR).

Develop Your Leaders Wherever They Are in The World

We work with companies located all over the world, so we have set up our VR hire hubs in US, EU, China, Singapore and UK to allow companies to quickly get headsets to their teams. Using our VR leadership training platform you can then bring your leaders together into a custom built virtual space that allows them to meet other colleagues, share knowledge, experiences and best practice in our virtual face to face environment.

Your leaders no longer need to travel to meet the rest of the leadership team in a totally authentic and engaging way.

Suitable for teams and leaders at all levels and groups up to 16

Our platform can be used with groups of up to 16 people (two groups of 8) with feedback and reflection built into each VR session to uncover and consolidate learning.

Effective leadership behaviours are broadly the same at every level, just applied in slightly different ways, for this reason our platform is suitable for leadership development at all levels in an organisation up to CEO.

VR also allows us to be extremely flexible in tailoring the experience to match the capability of the team quickly and easily at the touch of a button. It also allows us to dynamically adapt the experience to further stretch and challenge teams if they are performing increasingly well.

Our system is very easy to use for delegates of all ages and also allows for extensive simplification of the user experience if required (for any tech phobic delegates).

Leadership Development for All

Our unique platform has been designed from the ground up to test a range of leadership skills, testing collaborative leadership, communication, delegation and problem solving.

The completely novel scenarios bring out a broad range of leadership behaviours and we see how well each individual can negotiate, influence, challenge and lead across a range of problems they will not have experience with in the past.

Unlike some leadership training our platform forces everyone in the team to lead, sometimes overtly and sometimes in more subtle ways, ensuring we see what everyone is capable of and that everyone learns about their own leadership styles, strengths and development areas.

We also believe in uncovering leadership potential across the whole breadth of the team and believe leadership should be developed in all, not just the usual dominant characters and extraverted individuals.

Leadership training the VRE way.


  • Identification of preferred leadership styles and impact on team
  • Clarification of communication preferences within team and impact
  • Identification of pseudo vs real team behaviours
  • Development of effective team problem solving approaches
  • Recognise and define team dynamics (split vs cohesive teams)
  • Comprehensive anonymous peer feedback

Tailored VR Team and Leadership Development for your Organisation

We also offer the ability to tailor or customise your VR development programme. If you are looking for a particular set of behaviours or competencies we are able to amend and customise our platform.

This means we can create new exercises or challenges that tap into these exactly, giving you valuable real world information gathered from a totally immersive virtual world space.

Flexible delivery locations

Suitable for smaller groups of up to 16 our team and leadership development platform can be delivered anywhere in the world. Our experienced Business Psychologists will facilitate and run your development sessions and also work with you to plan and design any specific requirements for your development session and your delegates.

VR Leadership Articles

Leadership Models: An Overview

There are many leadership models used in organisations, several have merit so it was important to consider how our leadership/team assessment platform would fit with the more common theories. For this reason our platform is theory agnostic, the behavioural data we collect is fundamental to key leadership behaviours across all models and so our platform can be subsumed within any existing leadership training programmes you run.

This flexibility means our leadership/team assessment can be usefully applied and integrated into existing training programmes. In this article we explore the more common leadership theories that are well known in leadership development.

Leadership Models: An Overview

Team Based Leadership Development

To make sense of team performance and leadership performance we believe we need to assess and review both in context at the same time, high performing teams have clearly defined goals and vision, this however formulated by the leader. We believe leadership cannot be effectively developed as a stand alone concept in a classroom while operating in a vacuum and instead is best developed experientially while working with their teams. With this in mind designers of leadership development programmes as well as clients should view any leadership courses at its core as additionally a team development programme.

Our VR leadership/team assessment develops leaders and teams in context, talk to us about how we can help your leaders and teams develop at the same time.

Designing leadership development programmes; a team-based approach