For many businesses it seems to be that conference calls have become the norm for when it in impossible to get everybody in one room at one time for an important meeting. Thanks to new advancements in VR we can now offer virtual reality meeting spaces, where it is easy to not only discuss the matters at hand but also interact in a variety of other interesting ways.

Here are a few examples of different applications which can be used for this effect. As well as a verdict on them.

This is a free application that can be used by up to eight people at any one time, which is great for small teams far apart looking for an easy way to share ideas and information, there is a paid option also for if you would like a larger group, which can stretch to as many people as you like in your company and rooms. As well as this it is supported on a large variety of systems, and not solely ones in VR; including but not limited to; Windows, iOs; Oculus (Go, Rift and Rift S, as well as Quest), HTC and Android. This way you can be sure that every member of your team can have at least one of these devices in order to be able to participate.

Setting up one of these rooms also could not be easier, all you have to do is download the software and run it on your desired device and its tutorial will teach you the basics. From choosing your room layout and even the backdrop outside. This software also allows the sharing of files over its cloud servers and full use of the interactive “whiteboard” in each of the rooms to show images or videos, display files and even write on it in real time. This can be achieved by every member irrespective of device, so a colleague using the Oculus Rift or Go can be in a meeting with someone on an iPad. Voice chat is also utilised, and you are able to speak freely (or not so freely) as you would if everyone was in the same room, either using the built-in microphones of the devices or an external set. The ability to save a room once you are done is also a great feature, allowing for easy resuming of a meeting that can be cumbersome or impossible in real life.

We think this is a great product which is being supported with new updates and features regularly. It is more than worth a try with their free product for up to 8 people, and we are sure that for larger business it will be a worthy investment. We all found the software to be very easy to use and stable with the computer that was used. Set up was effortless and the customisation that is on offer is great. It’s a very versatile piece of software that is of great value.

It supports many headsets such as the VIVE and Windows MR as well as the Oculus GO, Rift-S, Quest and many others.

Meetinvr is a solely VR experience currently in early access that aims to make VR meetings an easy and streamlined reality, they are working hard with major updates to the avatars that can be used as well as expanding the number of possible meeting rooms available from one to eight, they have also pledged to further increase this number as time goes on with future updates as to accommodate a wider range of people and needs. Thus far there are more than enough to get started with, such as those set in a regular office meeting room, larger conference rooms all the way to a theatre stage for larger audiences. They have also put a lot of work into the avatars used as they believe it is of paramount importance to have a good representation of who you are talking to in order to help build relationships to work towards a common goal, once again they have pledged to increase the options available to ensure that you can make your VR avatar as close to the real you as possible.

The team over at MeetinVR have estimated that the use of a VR meeting over a conventional video call meetings increased productivity by a minimum of 25%, this is unsurprising due to the highly immersive nature of the VR space, it is very easy to feel at home in the environments created and therefore keep to the tasks at hand. Although some nice added features such as being able to draw in the air to highlight points and also transfer data and files at a buttons push may take users out of the immersion for a moment, although we highly doubt that will last and before long will be right back into the world once again.

This is a highly detailed piece of software that boasts high levels of immersion and detail, it has a very easy set up and is easily adaptable. It is important to not that this is an early access product and is subject to change lots with updates. If you are able to get hold of a version of the app from the website using their application process you will not be disappointed with the results on offer. . It supports many headsets such as the Oculus GO, Rift-S, Quest, as well as the VIVE and Windows MR.

Hubs VR

This software is not exclusively aimed towards corporate meetings but instead a more open and social meeting software that can also be adapted for enterprise use. This would be a great application to use to allow users to socialise and create bonds within teams in a completely virtual environment. It boasts bright and colourful visuals allowing for a fun and quirky experience. This application is not recommended for more serious use but maybe more towards a brainstorming session or somewhere to wind down and have a chat after the day is done.

It is a fantastic project. Of course, it is just at its beginning, and there is a lot of work to do to add all features that it needs (avatar customizations, scene customizations, interactive objects, etc…), but it already shows its potential. Finally, we have a space in VR where we can meet with all our friends (independently of the device they’re using), without installing any app, and feeling free to talk and to do whatever we want.

Not only can this be accessed from your browser but it is also available for all major VR headsets such as thee VIVE series as well as the Oculus line-up (Quest, GO, Rift-S). On top of this it is also supported by the Samsung Gear VR and Windows MR.


While most social VR is focused on entertainment or is basically an evolution of the classic chat room, Rumii focuses on productivity. With a slack-like invite format, you invite individuals to your team and only those individuals can access your VR workspace. When inside the VR space you are welcomed by a slick VR space that can be adapted to your needs, there are many features including the use of a sketching whiteboard, the ability to have multiple workspaces in one world, allowing for simultaneous access to multiple whiteboards, documents or 3D models in real time. You are also able to load and view 3D models as it even has Google Poly Integration. Therefore meaning that you can tour a house or prototype new products all in real time with your team as well.

Rumii has a huge suite of tools that are aimed at VR conferencing for education and enterprise. Import 3D models, Google Blocks, white board, screen sharing, PDF viewer, multiple workspaces, and a lot more. Non-VR users are welcome to join as well, as Rumii can be used in regular desktop mode. Rumii supports PC, Mac, Android, iOS as well as the latest VR hardware: Windows Mixed Reality (Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell), HTC Vive/Pro, Oculus Rift/Go. This application is available on the Steam Platform and has a very high user rating. It Is also free up to 5 people, after this there is a subscription service model in place for larger groups.


VSpatial is another great product that once again allows the users to collaborate in a VR space, as well as this however it also allows the user to use the application and headset instead of a regular workstation, with infinite virtual desktops available at once and the ability to jump between tasks at will it is a great way to increase productivity in the workplace. They have also implemented the use of a full keyboard with dual input as well as the ability to customise and interact with the workstation as you see fit. You are able to experience maximum productivity with various options to interact with your work. Interact with your applications, data, and content, however, best suits your needs. Focus mode lets you get upfront and personal. With only one screen visible, you are free from distractions, but can increase this number to as many as you would like or need. Three levels of zoom. With a simple click of a button, you can zoom in 2 additional levels in both focus & carousel mode.

When looking at the use of this software for use in meeting and presenting terms, it is easy to see that this has been made with this in mind. With a few options to choose from. There is the dynamically sizeable auditorium in which you can give presentations with the use of a virtual microphone and presentation tools. You can also have audience participation and virtual hand raising built into the system for a truly lifelike experience. As far as collaborating on projects and such other tasks it is also very easy, with multiple users “sitting in the same room” being able to share ideas with special audio and the sharing of data also. Avatars used in the simulation can be changed to suit the needs and will even emote if needed. It is a very intuitive system.

As well as this, users without a VR headset can also participate on a windows PC. It supports many headsets such as the Oculus GO, Rift-S, Quest, as well as the VIVE and Windows MR. We highly recommend this product for its multi-purpose nature and high level of detail.


Microsoft’s social VR platform, AltspaceVR, has been updated with a renewed emphasis on event hosting. While it’s always been possible to hop into AltspaceVR just to hang out and chat, the platform is honing in on am idea where users come to the virtual world to see specific live events hosted by creators. But this can also be more than applied to an office conference or meeting environment. To facilitate this expanded focused on events, the app’s Main Menu has been revamped to make discovering and searching for events easier. The platform also now includes interactive billboards which serve to advertise upcoming events and can even be used as a menu through which users can RSVP to events or even travel directly to them. The AltspaceVR update also aims to streamline the process of creating and hosting events by improving the in-VR hosting tools to included simple event templates with descriptions, imagery, and pre-made environments designed around specific event types. “Talk Show spaces will have all the furniture, microphones, and stage blocking set up. Presentation spaces will feature ready-to-use interactables like laser-pointers and instructions on how to showcase slides. As always, you’ll still have the option to customize your event as much as you want; but we’re also adding some helpful default options for those who are less interested in the set-up process,” the company writes.

This is a very intuitive piece of software that worked hand in hand with its users in order to give an easy and useful experience. It is more than adaptable for use in the office for meetings and conferences but may find tasks such as note taking or brainstorming trickier than other offerings. Seeing that this is being developed my Microsoft we have no doubt that this will be built on for a long time and will keep growing into a more sophisticated and adaptable product. AltspaceVR is available on Oculus Rift-S, Oculus Go as well as HTV Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Windows MR.


When it comes to social virtual reality (VR) apps one of the most successful has been vTime which initially debuted on Samsung Gear VR back in 2015. The company has just announced its latest update, adding augmented reality (AR) to the experience to make it cross-reality, whilst seeing a name change to vTime XR. The addition of AR into the vTime XR system means that for the first time people using VR headsets or smartphones can now connect in one virtual space. vTime XR users now have the freedom to choose the option of AR, VR or 2D magic window mode. Just as before, VR users will be fully immersed in one of vTime XR’s destinations while AR users will join in by placing a live 360-degree diorama of the destination on any real-world, flat surface. Via their phone display, they will also have full access to vTime standard features such as avatar customization, image sharing, private messaging, and more.

vTime XR is available for iOS and Android for free now, with the AR mode on all supported phones compatible with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. The app is compatible with Google Cardboard, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream View, and Oculus Rift.


InsiteVR is a piece of immersive communication software for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to improve project delivery and reduce errors. InsiteVR enables AEC project teams to review their 3D models together in virtual reality to identify and resolve complex issues. Instead of waiting until construction walkthroughs to find issues, InsiteVR customers can identify and address issues months in advance while they’re still virtual and easy to update. They aim to achieve this with streamlined and easy to use software that anyone can pick up and use easy. Because of all the prep work required to use VR teams can often get discouraged from using it despite the benefits. They want to minimize the barrier to entry so that teams can join VR meetings without thinking about it to discuss what matters: the project. Whether this be with easy controls or communication methods, it is easy to see how this technology can be used to benefit those who are more into the engineering sector, the ability to proof a design and test without the need for construction is priceless and a great way to save not only time but a lot of money in the process.

InsightVr has lots of great features to take full advantage of, such as text to speech annotations and its abaility to create a PDF file report of your meeting after each session so you can quickly overview the progress made. While taking part in meetings participants can see other as VR avatars, talk over VOIP, and review model issues together. It is compatible across desktop and standalone VR like Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.

This is another example of innovation in a budding industry, its sleek design works wonders in keeping the processes fluid and efficient,

Overall we can see that there are many good options that are available to suit the needs of the user, and while this is a very new idea, we believe that it truly is the future of conferring between locations and is a great way to increase productivity and morale also.