VRE are happy to be able to offer a wide range of VR experiences that are ready to use at your team building event.

As well as offering these ready-made experiences as part of our team building service, we can also create customised VR and AR experiences for our clients. These customised experiences can include multiplayer, which we recommend because this amplifies the engagement of participants and never fails to keep them entertained and challenged.

Our custom experiences offer benefits over pre-built content, such as cost effective options to:

Change any part of the experience to suit your preference
Brand your VR experience with your logos, imagery or objects
Have custom levels designed to suit any need

If you’re interested in learning more about how VRE can provide customised content for your VR team building event, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our Popular VR Team Building Experiences

Universal Space Engineers
In this popular team building activity, your participants assume the roles of a team of intrepid space engineers – however, these astronauts have a problem. Whilst responding to a remote emergency, the Universal Space Engineers are hit by a solar flare, stranding them on the moon with no power.

Your team’s challenge is to get their space engineering vehicle back up and running, cross a giant chasm and negotiate a narrow mountain pass on the route back to safety. Don’t look down!

And all this is just the start of the challenge. Participants will have to work together as a team, creating structures in order to complete their mission. However, with limited energy available, they’ll have to think carefully and come to a consensus about their approach before they start to build.

Each member of the team (up to 4 at a time) can be identified in-game by their helmet and will need to communicate and share resources in order to ensure success for the team. In fact, beating the challenge requires teams to develop a better understanding of their interdependencies and forces them to work together more closely.

This exciting VR team building experience was designed from the ground up with the objective of helping teams to work together more effectively and develops skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Working

The activity can be run with up to 4 participants per VR setup and we can run multiple VR setups to allow 8, 12 or more participants to enjoy the experience simultaneously.

This activity can be made to last between 20 and 60 mins depending on your event schedule.

This great multiplayer team building activity takes advantage of Microsoft’s powerful Hololens augmented reality platform.

Challenging teams to assemble structures together, groups can enjoy the freedom of building at any size with no limit to the virtual components at their disposal.

Simply use Minority Report-style hand gestures to drag and place virtual blocks, communicating with your team to collaborate and create.

For this activity, each participant has their own Hololens headset, which are connected to one another to allow everyone to work together in the same augmented reality environment.

A variety of challenges will be set to challenge your team and drive them towards the learning outcomes required.

This team building experience is another one we love to use because it was designed from the outset with the goal of bringing teams together and causing them to collaborate and communicate.

It aims to build your team’s skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Working

This multiplayer Hololens activity is best run in groups of 4 to 6 team members, with as many groups as are needed for everyone to participate.

Duration can range from 20-30 mins depending on your event schedule.

The Holoconstruction experience was built in-house by VRE, which means we’re able to fully brand this experience with your company’s assets or even create custom functionality, specific to your needs.

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