VR Soft Skills Training


In the rapidly changing world we now live in it is now possible to deliver important ongoing soft skills classroom based training remotely, virtually and in a feature rich VR environment offering innovative collaborative options not even available in the real world.

Our soft-skills VR training offer short high impact training focused on key skills and knowledge crucial for ongoing staff development in the new remote working world. Our remote VR programmes can help managers and teams learn, practice and develop with their colleagues in completely normal and natural ways, being able to work alongside others, shake hands, co-present and draw and build 3 dimensionally to explain concepts more easily, all why working remotely at home or office locations.

Welcome to VR soft skills training the VRE way.

How Does It Work?

Our process is very simple, we send VR headsets to your teams at their chosen address. We then arrange an orientation call with one of our team who takes your delegate through how to use the headset step by step so they are ready for the training session.

Depending on the course there may be some pre-course materials to work through so we can focus on the practical elements in the VR classroom, with these courses offering high impact learning in manageable 2hr sessions.

Example Courses

Example Courses Available:

  • Coaching Toolkit For New Managers
  • Leadership Made Simple
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Train the Trainer

We are able to run a broad range of soft skills via remote VR classrooms and are able to offer courses in VR that address a particular need in your organisation across a range of additional topics whether its performance management, goal setting, giving feedback or having those difficult conversations.

VR Offers a Flexibility Not Possible in a Conventional Classroom

In future years traditional classrooms will seem quite limited in comparison, imagine working in a classroom with delegates and then instantly being able to take them to any location on the planet, to literally draw and build in the air around them, to examine and rotate 3 dimensional objects as they learn. We don’t need to imagine, this is already here, our sessions in VR allows us huge scope in collaborative activity design, we can change the environment, task and location in an instant and all with a corresponding effect on engagement and learning.

VR is in itself very engaging due to its incredible immersive nature, peoples first response very often is surprise when they put their headset on, with modern headsets it is now straightforward to connect people virtually and to work together across several VR platforms and also cross platform with desktop applications where required.

We Do a Lot More Than Just Training During Your Training Week

During the week you have the equipment we will maximise your time with it after the training sessions with us, with guidance we will show your teams and organisation how they can use these same headsets to meet, collaborate, run company updates, design and also socialise if they have been working remotely for a long time.

As experts in the field of VR and psychology we can guide you through the best ways to use this technology to bring your teams closer together even if physically they may be continents apart.

We also offer Team Assessment and Development in VR

Aside from soft skills training for individual delegates we also offer team assessment and development in VR. In VR there is a well known disinhibition effect, individuals self monitor less and will show their true behavioural preferences when leading and working with others. As a development and intervention tool this means VR can be hugely powerful in assessing teams and how they work together, our psychologists can observe your teams working together and then in a reflection session help teams understand how they work and how they can be more effective going forwards.

We Also Offer VR Self-Directed Learning

We offer a range of VR training modules that cover a wide range of important soft skills training, these can be run remotely, delegates can work through at their own pace and are completely focused on the content without distractions unlike other mediums like e-learning.

The training involves the use of AI and automated feedback and also the opportunity for delegates to be able to see their own role play performance from the perspective of the recipient of the delegates behaviours.

Modules available now:

  • Active listening
  • Clear communication
  • Challenging non-inclusive behaviour

Other modules coming soon:

  • Gender inclusivity
  • Psychological safety
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interview skills
  • Gender and ability-bias awareness
  • Coaching skills