VR Team Assessment


High Performing Teams are able to overcome significant challenges, be persistent and demonstrate resilience. Here at VRE we are able to assess your teams and determine if they are a potential team, a working group, pseudo team or indeed a high performing team.

We are able to diagnose your team using VR to identify how well they work together and improve their understanding of their preferences and strengths when working in teams. Our unique activities in VR allow us to help your teams understand how they work and bridge that gap from a pseudo team to potential team to a high performing team.

We use the latest VR technology with high-end VR machines, these ensure the best experience, no lag and the highest graphical settings for the experiences. Our ergonomic headsets are light, very comfortable and easy to use, ensuring teams can focus on the activities in hand and forget about the technology.

Engaging and interactive group activities that draw out real behavioural preferences with our system designed to draw natural team working preferences out. This allow groups to then see their real team roles when working with others and often gives insights that are completely novel and new to delegates and have been hidden from them through lack of objective feedback

Our VR Assessment platform offers a range of scenarios that examine important competencies relating to workplace performance. The flexibility of the system allows clients to choose what competencies to focus on and we can also integrate new competencies or values important to the client organisation where required.

Following their VR Group activities, we then work with the groups to understand and explore their team working data in group review sessions. This uses objective data from the VR activity allowing team members for the first time seeing how they truly work in teams without peer subjectivity or errors in self-assessment from the activity.