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VR Team Building

Get Ready to be Transformed

Quite simply, we are the team building experts that will bring value to your team and business. Here at VRE our vision is to combine experiential team building techniques with the latest in VR and AR technology.

Choose Your VR Team Building Event

VR Team Building Fun

We know how to make VR Team Building fun and stimulating. This option is for companies that simply want their teams to de-stress, relax and bond while trying something new and innovative.  Our expert training professionals can build a VR team building day specific to your requirements ensuring everyone is engaged and participates in some challenging VR experiences.  We guarantee a day to be remembered!

VR Team Building With Learning Outcomes

For companies that want to have a very fun and engaging day, but also have staff reflect on how they work together, leadership skills, communication styles and other workplace competencies.

Our experienced Business Psychologists will work with you to determine what skills sets, behaviours or values you would like to explore on your day.  We then tailor the program to incorporate these elements. We can also compile these results so the group can see their  strengths and development areas as an organisation.

VR Team Building Using Multiplayer VR

Using extremely engaging multiplayer VR, we can test your teams even further, throw them into different worlds and situations, see how they plan, operate, collaborate, problem solve, lead and communicate.

As psychologists we are still surprised how revealing these experiences are and how these amazing immersive experiences really do trigger people’s natural behavioural tendencies and preferences.

This option allows for a high level of developmental feedback, but don’t think this is just the serious option. Collaborative multiplayer VR team building is extremely engaging and fun, delivering a lasting impression on your teams.

Why VR Team Building?


Flexible VR Options for Groups of all Sizes

We have developed our own exercises that allow us to run VR team building with very large groups, right down to groups of 3 or 4, so whether you have a small or large group in mind we can help.

Driving Engagement and Team Interaction with VR

Fun creates better engagement, so ensuring things are fun is our driving force at VR events.

We have designed our VR team building to be very inclusive. This means all individuals have to be actively involved, so there is no passive watching and waiting for their turn on the VR.

We offer a range of carefully chosen VR experiences and group activities that are suitable for large groups. Equally, for smaller groups we offer our amazing multiplayer team building platform VREx which allows 4 players at a time (in each VR setup) to work together on a distant planet, to see just how well they do work together as a team.

Establishing Learning and Other Outcomes into your Team Building Day

We know when to keep the focus of an event easy going and fun and when to move it up a notch. For clients who do want a little more on their team building day, the VR team building will be delivered by psychologists with specialisms in learning and development and trainers who have earned their spurs in the corporate world, delivering management and leadership training around the globe.

If required we can also discuss with you specific learning and development outcomes, and then tailor and build your VR team building session accordingly. This could be particular values, competencies or behaviours that you would like to see develop within your team or organisation.

Multiplayer Platforms for your VR Team Building Day

Collaborative VR and AR experiences offer your teams the chance to work together in ways that they could never experience in the real world.

They will need to support, help, lead, advise and coach each other, especially through some of the more extreme VR environments they will face.

We offer two platforms for multiplayer experiences, VR and AR, both cognitively challenging and extremely fun scenarios that will force them to work together as a team.

These tend to suit smaller team building days with less than 20 people.

AR Multiplayer For Your Event or Team Building
VR Multiplayer For Your Event or Team Building

VR Software Typically Used for Large Group VR Team Building

For larger team building groups we use a range of carefully selected off-the-shelf VR experiences that genuinely allow for interaction and collaboration. Our in-house psychologists have constructed fun yet challenging activities around them to encourage team development.  We have included some examples below.

Furthemore, we can select and if necessary design new VR activities that better reflect your corporate sector, services that you offer or particular competencies that you may wish to focus on and develop on the day.

For any team building day we do recommend focusing on just one or two areas, so delegates leave having had focused and incremental feedback in a powerful additive way across several activities that will have a memorable impact.

Tilt Brush

Competencies – Leadership, communication, problem solving, spatial reasoning

This excellent VR application is a personal favourite of ours, why? Because it can be used in so many different ways with teams.

This VR application allows users to draw in 3 dimensions and is trickier than it sounds. Why? Well, most of us are not used to drawing objects with depth as well as width and height so it always presents some interesting challenges to teams.

We have designed this activity to be all inclusive, which means everyone has to be involved.  It is a meaningful lesson on learning to adapt our personal preferences and communication styles in order to interface effectively with others.

Check out our Tilt Brush review below for more details.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Competencies – Leadership, communication, planning, problem solving, teamwork

This challenging yet exciting VR application is used when you really want to put your teams through their paces and see how people perform under a little bit of pressure.  The goal being to highlight how people in challenging circumstances can behave in real work situations.

Teams have to defuse a series of bombs, they each take turns to enter the bomb room and are faced with increasingly complex devices.  They are totally reliant on their teammates who have the various manuals to guide and help them.

If teams don’t work together in clever ways they always run out of time, so it can be very rewarding for them as they slowly improve and start to defuse these devices.

This VR activity is also very cognitively challenging so we usually recommend a lighter VR experience afterwards to allow participants to recover and re-energise.

See the video below for an example how this application works.

Fantastic Contraption

Competencies – Creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork

This skillfully constructed VR application makes budding civil engineers out of all of us.  Incredibly immersive and easy to use, teams have to build various contraptions to get objects to the other side of walls and across gaps in a floating terrain.

This VR application really challenges groups to think in new creative ways, but also not be afraid to start over instead of constantly refining a bad idea (which some teams end up doing)!

We have designed this activity to challenge teams to work together as a unit in solving the increasingly demanding contraption puzzles they face.

Check out the video below for more details.

Waltz of the Wizard

Competencies – Problem solving, teamwork

Another favourite of the VRE team is Waltz of the Wizard. Here teams step into the shoes of a newly qualified wizard and have to quickly solve a number of magical puzzles in a short amount of time.

Due to the highly entertaining nature of the activity, delegates often get distracted from the tasks at hand, and instead make objects float in the air or throw fireballs around their wizarding cave.

Teams have to work together to succeed in this activity and good problem solving and communication skills are an essential part to achieve a success.

Check out the Official video here

Check out our Waltz of the Wizard Review here

Richie’s Plank Experience

Although technically not a team activity we have found this VR event is a worthy inclusion on team building days, for the simple reason it brings teams together after more challenging preceding activities and everyone enjoys seeing each others reaction to this experience.

Team members have to face their fears while walking out on the edge of a rooftop skyscraper*.  The entire experience is incredibly realistic and teams often have to encourage and support their members to keep moving forward and complete the task.

The second aspect to this VR experience is to have participants fly around the city with a jetpack putting out fires. Altogether great fun and a brilliant way to round off a VR team building event.

*Any significant fear of heights and we will carefully monitor delegates to ensure they are ok and remove the headset immediately if there is any distress.

See below the Richie’s Plank Experience video

Other Non-VR Training Services For Your Team Building Day

Here at VRE our team includes Business Psychologists and senior learning & development professionals who have led training departments and designed and delivered management training programmes across a range of sectors.

As a result, clients often ask us to run other parts of their team building day event. Team building is part of our core background we are happy to run additional non-VR elements to support other outcomes that you wish to focus on.

This can often be company values or specific behaviours/competencies that clients would like to emphasise on their day.

E.g. for larger team building days we can run hybrid days using VR alongside experiential training sessions involving innovative non-VR elements that force people to work together in other ways.

So, if your day requires multiple sessions, some with virtual reality and some using more traditional team building methods, VRE is your one-stop-shop. We can help with your complete event and team building planning.

We also offer a range of courses for soft skills, leadership and coaching from our training team. Click here to explore our non-VR training services.