Havaianas contacted us for an urgent piece of work requiring development of a Hololens application for their European launch event showcasing their brand new flip flop ranges.

It was an interesting project for VRE and a new challenge for our development team, in just 7 days we went from concept to build to deployment and then flew out to Madrid to deliver the final solution, including the Hololens hire ready for their major product launches.

The application built allowed users to create their own beach scene, essentially a beach constructor for a fun experience in context for the retail products.  This allowing users to add sand, water, beach paraphernalia and also of course add the new range of flip flops to the Hololens scene.

These new retail products could then be placed anywhere in the room environment or the created beach scene, allowing users to examine the new flip flops from any angle, walk around them, resize them, move them and also rotate them on any axis.  This was built using our own bespoke Hololens application that allows more freedom to rotate in any axis than the standard Microsoft holograms application.

The final product showcased how customers can examine new retail products and how Hololens can deliver unique and engaging retail experiences using mixed reality.

Retail applications for Hololens will only increase, allowing companies to showcase concepts to clients or build excitement or waiting lists for new products (e.g for new car models) that are not yet physically available in store or the showroom.

If you would like to explore developing your own branded application for Hololens or the same using HTC Vive, Oculus or Samsung Gear then we will be pleased to discuss with you your project.