VRE were pleased to be present at the opening of the new International Aviation Academy Norwich (IAAN), and see the start of a unique collaborative venture between employers in the aviation sector and funding bodies, educators and local government.

This brand new facility will be providing the next generation of pilots, cabin crew, air traffic control, aviation engineers, and operational staff.  The facility itself houses full size operational aircraft allowing apprentices to develop their skills on the job in real world situations.

VRE in collaboration with Shinx Creative showcased how VR can play an important part in the educational sector, allowing apprentices to engage with learning materials in a more natural three dimensional way, using Hololens models of jet engines and commercial aircraft.  This also giving them access to a greater range of aircraft to examine and deconstruct than the single aircraft in the workshop.

We also showcased how learning environments using the HTC vive can be created allowing students to explore and examine course content in fully immersive VR as opposed to the mixed reality Hololens above.  Both VR and mixed reality having a place in the learning environment, depending whether you want to overlay instructions over real world objects, or fully replicate the learning experience in a virtual environment.