Virtual Recruitment

  • Meet candidates remotely in a completely natural and realistic way
  • See how candidates work with others even across continents
  • Innovative individual and group selection methods
  • Save travel and environmental costs
  • Safe remote selection allowing social distancing
  • See how candidates adapt to new technologies and use them

Meet International Candidates In The Same (virtual) Room

Modern VR has now opened up recruitment and selection to a broad range of new methodologies, allowing companies to meet candidates nationally and internationally as if they were in the room. In the current environment this offers a number of advantages but looking forward we expect this technology to become mainstream due to the time and cost savings in terms of travel, accessibility of candidates and reducing environmental impact.

Our clients are always surprised at the high level of immersion and how quickly the interactions become second nature and virtually real with the gap between reality and VR narrowing every day. VR even allows you to shake hands with the candidates in question.

Modern VR headsets are comfortable and importantly very easy to use, so regardless of the demographic this technology can be ideal where you need to meet candidates face to face but are unable to do so.

Flexible Formats and Applications

It is possible to meet all your candidates in a branded environment to outline the process for the day, present information on the company and finally ask candidates if they have any questions.

You can then start your group activities and interviews as required in the same way as a real assessment centre.

It is possible to assess candidates individually in interview formats or in VR tasks assigned to your day or to see how candidates work together in groups on problem solving related tasks in VR.

Your recruitment teams can observe and be present in the VR experience and our VR facilitators also support your group activities on the day.

  • Meet candidates in a realistic “Face to Face” environment
  • Engage candidates in a much more engaging and natural way
  • Allow candidates to present and share information in ways not possible in the real world (e.g drawing in the air to demonstrate concepts or explain)
  • Test multiple candidates in group activities all remotely from their homes, seeing how they work with others
  • If important to their role, assessing how well they make use of and adapt to these new technologies as part of their selection process

The Process

  • We send the headsets out to your candidates and recruitment teams
  • We arrange brief orientation calls to both parties to get them ready
  • We facilitate and support the recruitment teams on the day on the phone and in the virtual space
  • Headsets are returned back to us and sterilised using medical grade systems ready for next client


We wanted to do something really different and memorable for our graduate assessments and VRE worked with us to provide an assessment tool that would create the opportunity to see our graduate candidates operating in a much more ‘real’ environment than traditional graduate selection tools enable.

The virtual reality exercise allowed the assessors to see the candidate’s real behavioural preferences and having access to feedback from a Business Psychologist on the candidate’s performance was really helpful in allowing the manager’s to process their thoughts and add another feedback lens. Our candidates were really positive about the virtual reality experience and it was very much a talking point for all the candidates.

We believe it really helped enable us to stand out against other graduate assessment centres

Suzanne Bray, HR Business Partner, Convexin

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